The Music Never Grows Old

My music is composed and recorded over the last 25 years. Half of my life so far. They have been hiding in the shadows of all the other musical projects and waiting for too long.

Finally it is time to make them public and present my personal intimate universe of sounds and words. The never old but well-aged songs of StenoSaur

Take time, listen and enjoy ..... plus expect more songs in the near future

So what about me?

The music never grows old. The artistic ambitions & ideas are still young and pure. Conceived by an alternative pop man.

I live and play in two worlds of music. The classical foundation has shaped my voice and discipline but the constant curiosity for contemporary sounds and styles guides the direction.

My songs are simple in arrangement. Born on the piano with strings and discreet rhythm patterns. Yet other tracks dive happily into the electronic pool with more synths & beats.