8 years old a member of concert active church boys choir + soloist


Slowly begins improvising on the family piano (a few formal lessons but soon abandon the formality)


First drum-kit at family’s home and practice to my favourite music on cassette


Forms a band with 3 choir boys as the singing drummer to play ELO covers a.o.


Participates in various local music competitions as singing pianist/drummer


Moves to Copenhagen with high (naive) ambitions of the music industry


Incidental contact with the manager of pop-star Gry. Promises of a solo-career.


Forms the electronic trio Blue Arcade (Hillerup/Neuhaus) and starts writing own songs


Joins the band Return Of Andy as keyboard-player and backing vocalist. Many concerts.


Meets other musicians trough Blue Arcade and forms Terry’s Tail (a new trio). This marks the beginning of my role as a leadsinger and keyboardplayer.


Attends a concert with the band Les Enfants. Impressed by the guitarist (Morten Landau) I persuade him to join us in Terry's Tail and we change name to just Terry. Play many concerts in Copenhagen over the ensuing years, including a gig at The Midtfyns Festival and have songs included on 2 different compilations.


Terry releases the debut mini-album “Who Decides?” produced by Thomas Brekling, who captures our 80's inspired hard-pop very well


Short-lived role as keyboard-playing backing singer for touring Bowie tribute band of Copenhagen. Recorded a demo with 3 tracks. 


Forms the electro-duo AstroBob with Michael Thorup and has a track on compilation. Also does one track live at Midtfyns Festival where Michael performs with his new duo.


The organ-man Christian Rønn (of the church where I was a prof. singer) reveals he too has a life with “the other music” . We join forces as SomaSema to work in his studio and record 5-6 songs. We part ways due to different ambitions and he initiates a very succesful solocareer as Ganga plus other projects.


Morten steps out of Terry from private reasons and the remaining trio continues as DisagreeMen.


Ganga releases album "Don't Wake Me Up" with my sampled vocals on the single track "Impulse"


Morten Landau and I stayed not only close friends since his departure from TERRY but found a new way of collaborating on music. He leaves the guitar for a growing fascination with computers + synthesizers. We start recording as We Know Nothing.


Slowly but surely I intensify writing my own songs and record them regularly with Morten as technical assistant and producer. The artistic name StenoSaur is conceived.


DisagreeMen records a brand new album “Our Little Playground” with the same producer as on the debut.


We Know Nothing initiates an ambitious serie of monthly single-releases both digitally and on CD with corresponding art-work etc. Several tracks are later included on the album "Phantoms Of The Pop Era".


A dream from the teenage-years comes true when I finally take action and contact new-age synth-pioneer Klaus Schønning. He is immediately open to my idea of vocalizing some of his older ”hits”. This results in the 2 albums "Constellations" and "Classic Constellations" (produced by Morten Landau) We do a few songs live at a reception plus one regular concert.


We Know Nothing releases another album titled "Dystopia" (again cd+digital) and invites for a full concert and releaseparty. As the year before we play some festival jobs.


We Know Nothing releases the single “Next Year”.


StenoSaur songs from almost 25 years finally get a new life with up-dated mixing and this web-site. A physical CD is also in the planning. All again thanks to invaluable work and support of Morten Landau.

We Know Nothing releases the single "Charleston".