My first real solo recording was the demo cassette by the name of Dreaming Stone.

But before settling with StenoSaur I considered some other artist aliases:

SleepStone, SadStone, SlowStart and ManAge


The album I would release has working titles such as Welcome Wicked Wonders, What Went Wrong, Work Worth Waiting, What We Want and Who Will Win (yes, www roules)


I have tried writing poetry a few times but it always ended up as songs instead. Once I did write one poem in Danish which in cheerful ways praises human hearing and the fortunate chance to enjoy music + sounds.

Twice in my life I have been writing official music reviews (Tjeck Magazine + internal newsletter at Zahle Seminarium).

For the last 2 years I host a weekly radioshow 'Sejrstimen'

THE HEROES (among many)


First cassettes: Sailor, Beach Boys, Darts, ELO, Secret Service and BOWIE


First vinyls: Associates, Ultravox, ABC, Japan, Thomas Dolby, DATA, Sparks


First CD’s: Porcupine Tree, Muse, Divine Comedy, Keane, Marillion, Peter Gabriel