Princess Died


Tonight she’s going to die

    under a famous Paris sky

In a limo with her Saudi-Arabian guy

A fatal princess-ride, she tries but cannot hide

From the merciless and ever–present spy


Oh lady princess Di

Do you hear the public cry ?

“Oh lady die” sounding the secret sigh

No baby princess Di

Your blue blood will never dry

For we’ll protect and serve the greatest lie


There’s more than meets the eye

    but the press will love to lie

To a hypocritic world that loves to pry

But al involved should try

    to see the shocking reasons why

Some prints of privacy make millions buy


Away from us she’ll fly to a refugee up high

Still hot down here but does no longer fry

    (anyone feel shy?)

A crazy world waving goodbye,

    yet some cannot deny

To be sobbing with a hidden greedy smile


Oh lady princess Di….


Still she may not be dead

    but disappeared instead

To a secret place cold stars have always met

Where complete obscurity

    is the perfect harmony

Like Elvis, Marilyn and Frank she’s free


Or did she change her looks

    as in modern thriller-books

A great conspiracy to pull out hooks

What a laugh and how absurd,

    all the photos and the words

Make the masses look like sentimental jerks


Oh lady Princess Di, did you hear….


So did you sigh and cry

    when the poor pet princess died

And where you just as sad

    at the loss of your beloved dad ?

Was it a touching ceremony,

    the directed surreal tragedy

Was there a deeper hum

    at the service of your mum ?


And do you gaze in magazines,

    celebs in compromising scenes

Does it make up for your unredeemed dreams ?

While you blame photographers

    and their cynical editors

For destroying the lives of your beloved stars ?

So the lady Princess dies,

    escaping all the cries

Oh la di Di, end of secret sighs

But even princess Di

    will never make us wonder why:

We keep protecting

    - keep on serving

    - keep insisting

on telling all the (in)famous lies


This may be controversial. The words were written almost immediately after the tragic event and mostly as a reaction to the strange distant adoration of millions towards Diana and so many other public stars plus of course a critical view at the media etc. Now, I am not a royalist but I understand that Diana in particular had a personality and a fate that triggered peoples sympathy and warmed their hearts. But still, the whole phenomena is strange to me. Anyway, the music was originally intented as an up-beat song, but I realized that in connection with this subject it needed a slow almost folk-like version.