The First Happy Song


I am what I am

Though uncertain what that really is

A Dane and a man

But the real me inside I truly miss


Where did I lose track

and how can I find the right way back

What on Earth does it take

to find what I lack before it’s too late ?


And when will I write the first happy song ?

Why is my doubt and confusion so strong ?

The list of questions is old and long


Is that really me ?

So tragic, so mad and so lost

In time I must be more concerned

with forgetting or learn from the past


I’m not even sure

what it is that I’m trying to say

Once again insecure

once again I am close to losing my way


But when will I write the first happy song ?

My words are all sad

    and they’ve been ever since I was young

The more I conceal all the more

    I need to reveal


Shall I ever sing my first happy song ?

Must I realize that my feeling

    and thoughts are all wrong ?

Maybe I don’t want to change for real ?


Well, to change a man must wonder why

So I - may still write - A Happy Song !


The other song not recorded with Morten and again an absolute unfinished / unmixed demo.

I made a Danish version of this song to apply for entry at the Danish Song Contest (in the late 90's) but never recorded it. So did I ever write a happy song after ? No, not really. Yet. Like many I have to admit that depression, melancholy and uncertainty often are more inspirational. So sad!