When Cultures Are Clashing


Divine intervention or pure evolution

We are divided in regions and nations

Religion and language, tradition and law

Along with race, the tragic cause for war

Through all bloody history

We've learned and exchanged

Respective ways and mysteries

People get more and more chained

When cultures are clashing

Sweet music can arise

When cultures are clashing

A great chance for the wise

Complete integration: One culture, one nation?

Well, we can't grow back the worlds creation!

So thank God for choosing beauty of variation

Now we must add tolerance and inspiration

But natural limitations

Will always be there

Children do imitations

They grow and learn how to fear

When cultures are clashing

Great wonders appear

When cultures are clashing

Beyond tension and fear


This is a reverse process of songwriting for me since the words came before the music.

I remember going to a Copenhagen park on a warm Summer day many years ago and writing the words under the shade of a tree. And even mentioning God, which is common and quite normal in many British pop songs through the decades without being explicitly religious, but in Denmark almost non existing! I wonder why ? Anyway, the subject of the song is the meeting between cultures, specifically the Arab and the European, and how that have caused so much conclift, fear, hate and war. But also how that meeting can contain development, possibilites and respect. Since I have always loved the unique musical scale of Arab music - and in particular in fusion with modern Western music - it was obvious to me to make that part of my own song. Did so with a few other songs too.