DisagreeMen (2001 - 2019)


Uffe B. Larsen - Acoustic & Electronic Drums, Drum Programming, Computer

Magnus Tougaard - Fretless Bass, Backing Vocals

Sten Sejr - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Piano

When Morten left Terry (from private reasons) we were back at the original line-up and continued as DisagreeMen with a slightly altered and more electronic sound. In some ways we started all over with new material and with fewer ambitions (many rehearsal nights were just spent talking and drinking whisky;)

However, we did record the album “Our Little Playground” with Thomas Brekling mastering and co-producing in his new studio. We also played two concerts in the hometown of Elsinore. Due to time pressure and other projects I left the band in 2019 (they have continued and reunited with Mike Biran, the singer from Quiet Life).