SomaSema (1999-2000)


Christian Rønn - Synthesizers, Sampling, Programming

Sten Sejr - All Vocals, Keyboards

In 1998 I was employed as the tenor in the choir of a local church in Copenhagen. The substitute organ player was Christian Rønn and we soon discovered our mutual passion for music outside the classical area. Most notably the electronic field. It felt natural to try and work together.


Christian was already quite active with recording music for short films and documentaries but also had some experience with vocalists, although only female. We based our songs both on some of his demos (with new added parts) or developed music and songs together.


The lyrics however were again from my “library” or I used lyrics from abandoned Terry-songs, but also wrote new passages. Christian had an interesting way of using samples of my voice in other parts of the songs as an effect. Quite atmospheric.


We recorded 4 complete songs and several unfinished demos (now lost!) but soon agreed that we couldn’t take it further, which was very much due to time pressure from Rønns other projects. He was also developing his Ganga project which went on to become very succesful. The last thing I recorded with him was some improvised notes and words which he used on the track “Impulse(can be found here).