Schønning & Sejr  (2018 - )


Klaus Schønning - Piano, Keys & Synths, Key-tar, Programming, Producing

Sten Sejr - Lead & Background Vocals 

In 1979 Klaus Schønning released his self recorded and self financed debut Lydglimt (Glimpses of Sound). It was not only some very unusual music in Denmark but also a pioneer album of early electro-acoustic new-age style. However, I was not aware of that or his 2nd album. But when the 3rd was released in 1982 I noticed the exciting sounds and structures plus beautiful melodies. Ever since then I was a devoted follower - but not only that.

Especially his 3 albums of the 80s (Nasavu, Locrian Arabesque, Arctic Light) established a dream inside my young ambitious and idealistic mind: To one day sing on these wonderful instrumental tracks and tunes. The thought came to me again and again over the years but I never did anything about it. I didn’t even attend any of his numerous concerts. Not until what turned out to be his last in November 2016. Lucky me! There I spoke with him and after some texting a dream came true.

The 2 albums so far are both produced by Morten Landau assisted by Schønning himself and released by MusicVenture. Cover art and design on both albums are courtesy of Niels A.M.  

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