Terry's Tail / Terry (1991 - 2001)


Morten Landau - Guitars & Pedals

Magnus Tougaard - Fretless Bass & Vocals

Uffe B. Larsen - Drums & Percussion

Sten Sejr - Lead Vocals & Keyboards

When I was in Blue Arcade with Michael Hillerup and Kenneth Neuhaus I met Magnus Tougaard from Elsinore and we realized our mutual interest in British music (Japan, Ultravox, Duran etc.) Magnus and the drummer Uffe B. Larsen had already been playing in the band Quiet Life but they still wanted to do music together. So I went to the historical Elsinore and we began working as a pop trio.

A year after Morten Landau (from Les Enfants) joined us on guitar, and the name Terry's Tail was adapted. We recorded demos and did some local concerts. After being part of a compilation album (with the song Wednesday 12 AM) we changed the band-name to just Terry and recorded two mini albums plus began playing a number of concerts in and around Copenhagen.